Nocturne Restart

I have been considering my current projects and the timescale for finishes. Feeling the need to speed the process up, I decided to experiment with tenting. I have noticed that many others have had success tenting on high count fabrics.  I did a small sample on some 25 count Lugana fabric and found 3 over 1 tent stitch gives really good coverage with black and navy floss (the colors most likely to have coverage issues on white/light fabric).  I am using cream colored Zweigart fabric.

 photo Tentingsmall_zps5e9c933a.jpg
I have restarted Nocturne on 25 count Lugana (tenting, 3 over 1) in hopes I can finish it in half the time! This also takes the chart size down to a more conservative finished size. It is unfortunate to restart after all the stitching I've done (I'd almost finished 5 pages!) but I really think it’s worth it. I restarted it on the 2nd September and have managed to complete the following in a month (with full crosses this would have taken me about two or three months):  photo NOC1Fin_zps8ceb5352.jpg  photo Noc3fin_zpse4718725.jpg  photo Noc2fin_zps035547ff.jpg
I’m still doing Iris in full crosses on the 20 count as I don’t think tenting is as effective on the lower count fabrics from the tests I’ve done.   I am also concerned the fabric will warp if I attempt to tent on a design that is so detailed. I'm working on Iris right now and will post pictures soon!
 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


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