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I'm stitching away but don't have much stitching progress to show for this blog.  I have finished the first row on Challenge #3.  I'm working on Iris Keeper of the Rainbow again for this Challenge.

Challenge #3, Row 1 completed:
 photo IMG_0463_zps4tofcmce.jpg

Blue Farrow Scarf

The pattern is: knit, knit, purl... all the way across...  Till it's as wide as you want it!
It's an easy pattern but scarves are still very time consuming things to make!  This link explains Farrow Stitch in more detail.   This blue scarf was made for a friend last year and I'm knitting a similar white one for myself at the moment! 

Modelling the finished scarf: Using 5mm needles (US size 8)
 photo bluefarrow copy 2_zpsdibmdq8g.png

White Farrow Scarf

I'm using larger needles for a bulkier look on the white scarf.  I had two types of white yarn stashed away, so decided to try knitting the two yarns together for a different effect! I'm liking using the two yarns at once... It's not such a problem if you drop a stitch accidentally lol! (I'm not good at picking up stitches) ;)

My scarf in progress: Using 9mm needles (US size 13)
 photo IMG_0493_zpsqftkkdzv.jpg

Happy Stitching! xxx
 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. That white scarf is really going to be fabulous. Good luck with the third challenge!

    1. Thanks Kaelyn! This page is not as confetti heavy as the one used in the last Challenge, so hoping to knock it over in a month or so 😁

  2. Everything looks great! I haven't started the challenge yet. Probably next month :)

    1. Looking forward to seeing your Challenge piece Heather! It's good we get an extra month to complete this one... :)

  3. Your challenge piece is off to a great start! (I'm determined to finish the current page on mine before starting the challenge.) The scarf you are making is gorgeous! Beautiful work!

  4. Thanks Renee! Hopefully you can start the Challenge soon :D

  5. Beautiful progress on your current project.
    I wouldn't even consider joining one of their challenges... their huge designs are challenging enough for me :D Fair play for giving it a go and having fun!
    Great work on the scarf. I like the idea of blending two different type of wools. It will look stunning when finished.

  6. Thank you Ingrid 😃 Yes they are massive designs... Finishing a page can feel like a cause for celebration lol 🎉🎉🎉 I'm loving the challenges though ! It has been fun trying different ways of stitching. I will most likely modify the way I stitch in the future based on what I've learnt. 💗

  7. Everything is beautiful, from the neat row already stitched to that really cute scarves. What a difference it makes a bigger (or smaller) needles, but both are really pretty!

    1. Thanks Irene :) The different sized needles do give very different effects... It does seem like the white one is stitching up a bit quicker with the larger needles!

  8. the buttterflies on Iris keeper are so Georgeus!!! everything beautiful, I'm not good for crochet but enjoy seeing your work :D great job Megan


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