Nocturne Update

Hi! I hoped to have Umbrella Sky framed by now but unfortunately there has been a delay with the frame shop getting the moulding.  So I thought I'd show you all how Nocturne is going instead :) I've managed to finish page four which takes me to five pages completed!  This takes Nocturne from 9.97% to 12.43% complete.  It feels good to jump into the double digits!

Previous progress:
 photo updateoverall1small_zps4f7167a2.jpg

Current progress:
  photo IMG_2225_zps1404ef68.jpg
 photo IMG_2223_zpsc1520ca0.jpg


  1. Great job!! she's so beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm looking forward to the pretty pinks, purples and sparkles in the next two pages ;)

  2. She's beautiful. Another stunning girl to add to your stitching collection! Congrats on all your work on her.
    xo Alicia


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