The Framing of Umbrella Sky Part 2

I won't write "a novel" for part 2... I'll just cut straight to the reveal and bombard you all with photos!

Here she is finally framed:
 photo main1large_zps313b9b49.jpg
This one I took with the camera flash turned on:
 photo main2large_zpsbaa46854.jpg
Different angle:
 photo main3_zps7cf8f19d.jpg
I choose a silver coloured frame because it was much more complementary than the darker frames I was initially looking at. I felt like I wanted some metallic element in there from the start. Blacks were just too dark and wood didn’t look right. I think the lighter color really brings her out and that’s where the attention should rightly go!

Frame moulding up close:
 photo Main4_zpsf2b81450.jpg 
 photo 100_2455_zps9a67f7c3.jpg
I went with the conservation clear glass (cuts out UV) to hopefully prevent any potential fading from exposure to light.

Unfortunately this shot ended up a bit blurry it gives an idea of the size anyway! I am quite tall for the record!:
 photo main7_zpsbd18eb90.jpg

 photo main5black_zpsff3f6b8a.png

I think it turned out well after the long process to get to this point.  Now, back to stitching my wips!

 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Congratulations, you have been lovely !!!
    Happy Stitching!

  2. Looks great I think it was a good choice!

  3. That frame is so perfect! You have done a wonderful job framing this project and I hope it is something you will be proud of and cherish for many years to come. :)

  4. Great frame, looks great and will be nice on a wall.

  5. Thanks you all! The funny thing is the place I'm renting honestly has zillions of flimsy hooks on the walls... I wouldn't trust any of them to hold her weight! So still need to invest some time and dollars into getting that sorted. I'm enjoying looking at her framed though :)

  6. Beautiful finish and it's been framed perfectly, congratulations!

  7. What a beauty! You really did her justice with the frame you chose.

  8. She is looks amazing framed. I think you picked right a darker frame would have flattened the vibrancy of the art. Beautiful, congrats it must feel great to have this achievement under your belt!
    xo Alicia

  9. Stunning!!! The frame is perfect, now is time to enjoy her every day =D


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