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Progress on Diamond Painting

Just dropping in for a quick update on my Spirit of Flight diamond painting.  I've finished the partial page at the bottom of the next column...

Reminder of the art, Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall:
Previous progress;
Current progress;
 Overall progress;
Happy Stitching/Diamond Painting! xxx


  1. Oh wow, she is really coming along! I am still mulling over which chart to kit for myself as a diamond painting having used your instructions to gift a fellow stitcher on my blog with Law's Bee. I cannot decide between all the Patterns I have and mini versus full size! Have you found a canvas supplier that would print the chart on the canvas for you? The Maiden (from mother maiden crone, I have thee wrong sign in!)

  2. Thank you :D I did see the Bee 🐝 a few weeks back and thought it was very beeuitful! 😂 Happy to hear the instructions helped! The problem with printing is copyright laws would be violated if you sent the PDF to China where they make/print the canvas. Even then I don’t know if they could work with a PDF anyway. The program they chart with uses a specific file type (I think it was an .XSD). So they can import .XSD files into their system. Many cross stitch charting programs also export this type of file. So if you had a chart you completely owned the copyright to (not just a license to stitch) they could print it for you if you found a willing seller ;) For HAED the only options are to either go through HAED themselves as they print them now, although that is really quite expensive. Or to look at printing and adhering the pattern to the canvas yourself, then adding some sort of double sided adhesive over the top. This could be quite a labor intensive process though. I have seen people who have done this successfully. However, I do wonder if/how it would impact the life of the finished product.... :) As for the decision on which one to make as a diamond painting. It might be helpful to consider where you would hang the finished piece and how big it would be. Go with your heart though! Which one do you keep coming back to? Give it time and one will call you more than the others.

    1. WOW, She is going to be goreous. she will be big, won't she?
      Can you come over here to the Netherlands please? I've got a small diamond painting here for you to finihs.
      i started it...And I don't want to finish...My favorite is still the stitching.
      So if you feel like it.. Come sit overhere and finish my painting hehehehe..
      I also adore the background of you're blog. That is just awesome

    2. Thanks Natascha! The diamond area is 85x113cm... So it will be just over a metre wide when finished! So not as big as some other regular sized charts, but still a descent size lol... Haha, a trip to the Netherlands would be pretty awesome! I thought that background image was pretty cool too. Glad you like it ;)

  3. Wonderful progress on this one =) Seeing your work on this always reminds me to pick up my diamond painting again =)


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