Singing & Stitching (from June 2015 Update)

I’ve finished page 6 of Nocturne, which means the whole top row is now finished! This is tented on 25 count lugana using 2 over 1 on the light colours and 3 over 1 on the dark and mid tones.

Current progress:
 photo IMG_3653_zpsbij71hkz.jpg

 photo IMG_3655_zpsm1om2xga.jpg

I extended my Q-snap from an 11x17 to a 14x20 inch frame. Nocturne now fits perfectly across the width of the frame, which means no frame creases in the sides!!!
 photo IMG_3664_zpspy0dgtcv.jpg

Sparkly Clouds & Violins ( from 22nd March 2015)

I have finished page five of Nocturne! There is one more page of clouds to stitch to complete the first row.

Some mid page sparkle:  photo IMG_2582_zpsfgaxhcta.jpg
Page five finished:
 photo IMG_2636_zpsqls0zldp.jpg 
 photo IMG_2621_zpsfibbsidn.jpg
 photo IMG_2630_zpslaxzvy9n.jpg

Nocturne Update, 3rd February 2015

I've managed to finish page four which takes me to five pages completed! This takes Nocturne from 9.97% to 12.43% complete. It feels good to jump into the double digits!

  photo IMG_2225_zps1404ef68.jpg
 photo IMG_2223_zpsc1520ca0.jpg

Nocturne 18th November 2014   

I've almost completed 10 percent of Nocturne!  Here is where it's at now:
 photo updateoverall1small_zps4f7167a2.jpg
 photo update-closesmall_zps8fcd967d.jpg

Stitched on 25 count cream Lugana, tented 3 over 1

Nocturne Restart September 2nd 2014                                          

I have restarted Nocturne on 25 count Lugana (tenting, 3 over 1) in hopes I can finish it in half the time! This also takes the chart size down to a more conservative finished size. It is unfortunate to restart after all the stitching I've done (I'd almost finished 5 pages!) but I really think it’s worth it. I restarted it on the 2nd September and have managed to complete the following in a month (with full crosses this would have taken me about two or three months):

  photo NOC1Fin_zps8ceb5352.jpg  photo Noc3fin_zpse4718725.jpg  photo Noc2fin_zps035547ff.jpg

Update on Nocturne: April 2014

It's been awhile since I worked on this.  I ran out of krienik which put a stop to the stitching.  Plus I've been working on Umbrella Sky.  

 photo nocjpgup_zps58dc230c.jpg

Update on Nocturne: January 2013

I've really enjoyed stitching page four.  Kreinik has been added to her face and hand.  I've been neglecting Umbrella Sky to work on this... I think it's time to go back to Umbrella Sky and stitch with a different colour palette!


Update on Nocturne: First three pages completed!

Finished product should look something like this!
Stitch mock-up:


  1. I have this one started but I am not as far as you. Love seeing the progress.

    1. Thank you Laura! It's always great to find others stitching the same projects! Karen from ft ft ft stitch is also working on Nocturne and is further ahead than me at the moment! I do plan to pull it out and stitch more in 2017 😃


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