Spirit Of Flight

From the blog Sail Away, May 27th 2017

Cheep Cheeep!!!

I've also finished the large birdy on my Spirit of Flight Diamond Painting!
Before & After:
 photo IMG_3579_zpssjuuwilw.jpg 
 photo IMG_4019_zpsu8arfns5.jpg

Spirit of Flight Page Finish, From the Blog Three Wishes, May 5th 2017

I've finished my 5th and 6th page on Spirit of Flight.  It's been fun making the large bird on this page and part of her face has also appeared!

Current wip pics:
 photo IMG_3592all_zpsnrzjcury.jpg
 photo IMG_3595_zps6udtmd8m.jpg

 photo IMG_3609all_zpskbwdjnlb.jpg 
 photo IMG_3580_zps9czaifh5.jpg
 photo IMG_3582_zpsoyvpt5mf.jpg 

From the Blog Mr Greenwood's Stitching, 13th April

Diamond Painting Progress

I've started the next column on my diamond painting and wanted to post a few close up's showing the confetti on page 5!

Previous Progress:
 photo IMG_2941_zpsa9et2tsa.jpg
Confetti Sections:
 photo IMG_3197_zpsd0pl3xgc.jpg
 photo IMG_3199_zpsko8jokz4.jpg 
Current Progress:
 photo IMG_3282_zps9rtyifkc.jpg 

From the Blog Challenge #4 & a Whole Lot More, March 22nd

Spirit of Flight Diamond Painting

I've finished the top page on Spirit of Flight, which means I now have a row finish!  This makes the project 27,900 tiles down and 18.29% complete, which isn't too shabby for such a short amount of time!

Previous progress:
 photo IMG_2699_zpstb8wtzy8.jpg
Current progress:
 photo IMG_2941_zpsa9et2tsa.jpg
 photo IMG_2944_zpsrjphvo5o.jpg 

Diamond Painting: From Blog 3rd March 2017

Valentine's Day: From Blog 14th Feb 2017

Diamond Painting

I’ve stumbled across the craft of diamond painting, which involves sticking resin tiles/diamonds to a sticky canvas.  The tiles are available in both round and square shapes in the whole DMC colour range. This means any cross stitch chart can be turned into a diamond painting! There are kits available but the quality of the kit will vary depending on the size and amount of colours used.  In any case, it is possible to make a diamond painting using a Heaven and Earth Designs chart, which really caught my interest!

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend…

I’ve decided to jump right in and make Spirit of Flight my first diamond painting! This one was screaming “pick me” and I can really visualize it working well.  The diamonds are 2.5mm each which makes the canvas the equivalent of working on 10 count cross stitch fabric. The finished size of this piece will be about 85 by 113cm...  Just over a meter wide!

Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall:  photo spirit1024_zps8w9oxxcw.jpg
Charted by Heaven and Earth Designs

Sorting the Diamonds

I have been using an organizer to keep all my floss containers neat and organized and managed to free up a draw in this for the diamond containers:
 photo IMG_2541_zps3a0buiyz.jpg  photo IMG_2539_zpsuo8sxlsc.jpg

Diamond Supplies

The supplies were ordered from the "Little Home" store on AliExpress. The Seller gave me a great deal on a large custom size canvas, bulk lot of diamonds and the tools needed.  I would definitely recommend buying here if you are looking for supplies.   If you are looking for more information on diamond painting, there is a Facebook group called HAED Diamond Painting.   I’d recommend joining the group and asking questions there, or feel free to post any questions here as well! :D

My supplies arrived on the 14th of February. I'm delighted to receive diamonds on Valentine's Day! ;)
 photo IMG_2566_zpsrr7urv1k.jpg
90 chart colours sorted!:
 photo IMG_2570_zpsw1y8lv7w.jpg

Spirit of Flight Start

I've made my start in the bottom right hand corner of the chart:
 photo IMG_2578_zpstdft2wle.jpg
Hoping to fly through this page and be back with more progress soon!

 Challenges (From Blog Update November 2015)

Spirit of Flight has been somewhat unintentionally neglected! So I picked it up again for the Facebook challenge that Michele set in The Official HAED group. The challenge was to complete a minimum of 400 stitches but I hoped to finish the page!  I’ve been working the Mystery Chart alongside this, which has slowed the process down.   I’ve also been having issues with pain in my hands and arms making stitching difficult.  Still I managed to persevere and almost get the page finished... but  I was missing one floss colour… argh!  So here is most of page 19, minus 3781!  It's now 4080 stitches down and 2.67 percent done.

 photo Spirit of flight update_zpsmd61dvfz.png 

April 2015

I was lucky to have Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall gifted to me by the lovely Karen at Ft Ft Ft Stitch some time ago.  I haven’t forgotten about her Karen! I started this awhile back and got halfway though the first page before deciding I hated the fabric and needed to restart.  I purchased some pale yellow lugana for this and only just restarted it as it's taken awhile for me to to decide on fabric and thread combinations.

  photo 11047924_10205411299658429_3179181478704443701_n_zpspxg4yp4p.jpg

Above: Truer depiction of fabric color as stitching close up photo washes it out.
Below: Start on Spirit of Flight, bottom left corner (Started 1st April 2015).

 photo Spirit_zpsugdbaagj.jpg


  1. I'm happy to see this pattern here jejeje I know you will have a lot of pleasure time stitching her with all the beautiful colors and the detail. :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I do love this chart! It is very detailed though so progress may be slow! I am enjoying it so far ;)


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