Can You Hear The Violin?


For days 75 to 100 of the 100 Day HAED Challenge I switched over to Nocturne.  This page involved stitching her face and the violin!

Reminder of Artwork, Nocturne by Marta Dahlig:
Previous Progress:
Progress at Day 90 of Challenge:
Progress at Day 100:
Current Progress:
Unfortunately, yet again I've just missed out on a page finish!  I'm switching projects again for the 21 stitch day Challenge.  At the moment I still have six pages at various levels of completion to finish for the yearly goals... I was a bit ambitious with the goal setting this year lol. 

Halloween Sale

There is a 20 % off Halloween Sale running from now till the 2nd November on my Etsy shop Crystallize By Joelle!  Here are two pendants I recently made...

Labradorite and Mookaite Gemstone Pendants:

Happy Halloween!

Happy Stitching! xxx


  1. She is beautiful Megan! Great progress on your stitching!

    1. Thank you Faith :D She will look much better when her face is finished though! lol ;)

  2. Great progress, you know this is my favorite project of yours so I love that it made it into the 100 day challenge!

    1. Thank you! Planning to get it back out very soon to get that page finish in :D

  3. Never mind about not quite getting the page finish, you'll definitely nail it next time she is out to play. And you are not alone about being ambitious for yearly goals LOL! Beautiful pendants too. Such a talent you are Megan.
    xo Alicia

    1. haha, yeah... I'm guessing you're not done with your yearly goals yet either then lol ;) Well we've still got some time left! Thanks Alicia xxx


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