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A Guest Stitcher!

My neighbour Rob has recently retired and decided to take up cross stitching!   I've been helping him learn how to stitch over the past couple of months.  He is stitching the R.A.E.M.E Badge, which is an image close to his heart from his days spent in the Army.

R.A.E.M.E Badge:

Rob's Stitching Progress:

 Stitched on 14 count Aida (full cross on the main image and tent stitch on the background):

Rob's PVC Floor Stand Project

After working with a hoop for several months, Rob has now switched to a Q-Snap frame and decided he would also like a floor stand.  So we made a floor stand out of pvc piping based on this tabletop stand (obviously with longer legs than the design specifies).  After assembling the stand it was spray painted to achieve a copper finish.

Waiting for the paint to dry:

To complete the whole set-up, we have "Bruce" the friendly frog...  Bruce does all the frogging so Rob doesn't need too lol! ;)

(All pictures posted with Rob's permission!)

Diamond Painting Progress

I've started the next column on my diamond painting and wanted to post a few close up's showing the confetti on page 5!

Previous Progress:

Confetti Sections:

Current Progress:

I also captured this lovely Rainbow the other week! Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter/Holidays!:

Happy stitching! xxx



  1. What a great job Mr Greenwood is doing! That's a striking design. I like the idea to mix tent and cross stitch.

    Your diamond painting is really coming along nicely.

    1. Yes! The tenting does make the background stitch up quicker for Rob!😊 I'm hoping to get more progress in on Spirit of Flight over Easter. Thank you Justine!

  2. Fair play to Rob! He is doing a great job!!! Beautiful update on the diamonds too :)

    1. Rob is doing a great job😁 I can't wait to see how the crown stitches up!πŸ‘‘

  3. Rob is doing a great job on his piece! I love his floor stand and that frog is to cute! LOL I bet it is nice to have a neighbor to stitch with!

    You Diamond Painting is really moving along and looks great Megan!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

    1. Thank you Faith! I hope you have a wonderful Easter too πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Robs work looks amazing and the floor stand looks great =) I hope he will enjoy his new hobby for a lot of years to come =)

    Great work on your Diamond Painting, the confetti looks amazing =)

    1. Rob was thinking about what his second project will be just the other day! Lol! He is planning on finishing this piece before starting another but it's really nice to see he is enjoying it enough to think about starting another. Thanks Johanna! I can't wait to get to that big bird on the next page of the diamond painting🐦😁🐦😁

  5. Rob's stitching looks great! I love the idea of using half stitch and cross stitch to bring the center motif to the front. Hopefully he will continue to share his progress (instagram? blog?)

    Also great progress on the diamond painting, I love the swans and the colourful background. Do you find it shiny in person?

    1. I'll ask Rob if he intends to share online somewhere and let you know if he does... He was going to start blogging and I helped him set-up a blog, but I'm not sure if he will post there as he hasn't published anything yet. I'm happy to share his stitching here as it progresses and if he would like me to do so! I think he has enjoyed the encouraging words from everyone here and being able to share his work with everyone, which is lovely to see! So thank you for asking! :) The diamond painting is much more dynamic in person, it catches the light very easily and the shine changes depending on the angle of the light and where/how you look at it... I will do a video when it's a bit further along. A video will give a truer representation of the shine :D


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