Friday, 3 March 2017

Diamond Painting

Flying Through the Sky

I've been working on my Spirit of Flight diamond painting for the last couple of weeks.  I've finished the first three pages and I'm really enjoying it!  The confetti sections don't take as long to do and it's definitely quicker than stitching. What I've completed in two weeks would have taken me about three months to stitch!

Previous progress:
 photo IMG_2578_zpstdft2wle.jpg

Current progress:
 photo IMG_2699_zpstb8wtzy8.jpg
 photo IMG_2692_zps7dgugaet.jpg

Challenge Number Four

I've been distracted by the diamond painting but I'm still working on the HAED Challenge!  I've skipped page 6 because it was a partial and the Challenge called for a full page.  Here is my progress on page 7.  I'm around the halfway mark at the moment:

 Previous progress:
 photo IMG_1996_zpsv1ybywef.jpg

Challenge progress: photo IMG_2734_zpsgpmpd1e8.jpg

Hoping to be back with a finished challenge piece towards the end of the month!

Happy stitching xxx

 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. HUGE progress on the "Sticking" and also very impressing update on your "Stitching" :) Have fun!!!

  2. Thank you Ingrid! I'm excited to get to the next column of pages on the diamond painting!😄

  3. Wow, Spirit of Flight looks great and you are moving so fast on it! Iris is looking awesome too. Congrats on all your great progress.

  4. Both works look gorgeous. But I have to be honest.. I did a diamond painting...It's not finished yet, but I did loose interest.. I find the floss more beautiful and diamond painting has only one size of stones.2 mm.
    And I often enjoy very small stitches.
    But the work looks marvelous.. The colors are stunning.

    1. Thanks Natascha! The diamond paintings do come out very large! I do really like the way they catch the light though, it adds a nice dimension to it :D

  5. Both of your projects are looking absolutely lovely.

  6. You're diamond painting is beautiful Megan. I'm waiting for Galaxy Girl to arrive and I can't wait to start mine. Iris Keeper looks stunning too. Great progress, good luck with the challenge
    xo Alicia

    1. How exciting! Galaxy Girl will look beautiful as a diamond painting. Can't wait to see your start Alicia :)

  7. Lovely work on Iris and your Diamond painting! I love the detail in Spirit of the Flight, with Diamond Painting is sometimes hard to see because you have to look at them from far away. I am really thinking about getting one, too (but first I need to go to a crafts fair next week and spent all my money there for stitching :D)

    1. Thanks Johanna! I'm hoping the detail will translate well... Have fun at the craft fair :)



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