The Two of Spades Foot & Take Two on Goals!

Two of Spades

I have my first page finish on the Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards!  The Two of Spades finally has his foot!  I've started on page 19 which is a partial page at the bottom left hand corner of the chart. Previous Progress:
Current Progress:

Two Gifts 

I had a wonderful Birthday this week and was gifted a gorgeous ball of wool!  I will eventually knit or crotchet it into something!  My sister also made me a cross stitch of my cat Matisse, which is still being finished. I’ll share pictures when it’s done! 
Matisse when she was a little kitty (this is the photo being stitched minus the slippers lol!):

Take Two on Goals 

In light of recent events I’ve decided to change and revise my yearly stitching goals!  They were falling behind due to the Mystery Chart (which I didn’t account for at the start of the year) and my new starts also threw things out! So I will be changing things up a bit and focusing on different HAEDs and getting that Mystery Chart done. Till next time happy stitching!


  1. That ball of wool looks gorgeous... Would love to make a sweater out of that.
    And I love the color of cloth you are using for your works.
    I never set goals of what I want to do in a year. That makes me very nervous. In the past I did, but now I'll just see when and if I finish something.
    I am SO curious for your mystery work!!!

  2. Thanks Natascha :) The wool is an amazing magenta colour (the pic doesn't do it justice) and it's sooo soft! It's going to be a dream to knit with! I can see why goals can make you nervous... It is nice to be able to just pick up a piece on a whim and not have any anxiety about having to work on anything in particular. The Mystery Chart will be returning soon ;)

  3. Congrats on the page finish!! You are really fast :)
    Hope you will use the wool as the colour is lovely.
    Love your latest fabric stash!!

    1. Thanks Ingrid! The wool will definitely be used! :) Maybe not straight away as I'm knitting a scarf at the moment and need to finish that first... Unlike my cross stitch projects I stick to one knitting project at a time lol!

  4. Love your progress looking great!! the color of the fabric is beautiful
    and by the way Happy birthday!! I know it's a litlle late but hope you had a great time ;)

    1. Thank you Karen, I'm loving stitching on that fabric!
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I had a great day :)


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