Birds, Butterflies & Fairies!

The Mystery of the Birds

I’ve been working away on the Mystery Chart and the second bird is not looking so mysterious now! Progress on this chart is now at about 53% complete, so just over the halfway mark.

Previous Progress:

Current Progress:

Butterflies Galore!

I'm very excited to share that Freddy Werner is stitching the butterfly chart I made! You can see pictures (posted in the downloads tab with permission) or follow her stitching progress via Instagram. She is considering filling the wings in with variegated thread…  I can't wait to see more of her stitching!

I have always loved butterflies.  When Heaven & Earth did requests I asked to have Adolescence by Dahlig charted.  I've had this chart waiting in the wings for some time due to my indecision about fabric and also trying not to have too many projects on the go (which I’ve obviously relaxed about lol!) I do plan to start stitching this (next year) and finally have fabric sorted for it. It will be stitched on 25 count but I still feeling indecisive about whether to tent it or do a full cross…

 Adolescence by Marta Dahlig:
 Stitch Mock-up:  

Click here for link to the pattern

Fairies & Bingo Fun

June the 24th was International Fairy Day and the BB held a Fairy Bingo Competition to celebrate! The fairies wreaked havoc and there were two of us that won on the same day! I was one of the winners! For my win I picked a chart that I think pays great homage to the fairy kingdom called “The Elementals.”

 The Elementals by Josephine Wall:

 Click here for a link to the pattern

The mock-up looks very washed out on the website, so I'm hoping it comes out closer to the original piece of art. I will start this one eventually but for the moment it is going on the “to be stitched” list with Adolescence! I’m planning on trying out 28 count fabric on this chart. I haven’t tried a count that high before and I do like trying new counts, fabrics and thread combinations.  The other part of the chart win was gifted to my sister, as I wanted to do something special for her.  She got Josephine Walls “Peacock Daze” which also has gorgeous colours in it!



  1. That is a beautiful butterfly chart! Thank you for sharing, I may have to add it to my wishlist.

    1. You're welcome Kaelyn! Yes! I love the creativity it expresses with the butterflies coming out of her hands! :)

  2. Love the adolescence chart. I just went and added it to my wishlist. Great choice of Wall's chart as well. Your stitching is looking great!

    1. Thank you Heather! I'm looking forward to starting Adolescence and glad you like it.

  3. That is going to be very cute, your mystery item. I love it.
    About the Adolescence work on 25 count? I you were asking for my opinion? I would do that in full cross stitch.
    Think that would look great. But then I am a fancier of full cross stitch.

    1. Thanks! I was leaning towards full cross for that one Natascha. It's a complex pattern and I generally feel more comfortable doing a full cross when there is lots of confetti stitches present. It's tempting to tent though because it speeds the progress up! I was using Nocturne as an experiment with tent in order to gauge how to approach this chart and also several other pieces but that has mainly been block stitch so far and not as complex...

  4. Hi Megan!!
    Those birds look very very pretty congrats!!
    The chart of adolescense is beautiful, she will be so beautiful once stitched with all those colors and butterflies, and congratulations on your prices you're a very lucky girl!! you made a great choice with Wall's pattern
    You know i feel that I couldn't stitch tenting I don't know why but will be interesting see your progress if you choose to tent ;)

    1. Thanks Karen! I have been on a bit of a winning streak recently and do feel very lucky ;) Tenting is easy once you get the hang of it and definitely worth trying! I think the key is to choose a coloured fabric, one that somewhat blends with the colours in your pattern so that so any show through is not "glowing through". I've found using different strand amounts depending on the colour gives better coverage. Also tension is key and softer fabrics will require you to use less tension on the thread than stiffer ones. I'm going to do some tenting tests on 28 count fabric and may even consider switching "Adolescence" from 25 to 28 count if the tenting works better on that fabric :D


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