June Update

I’ve almost finished stitching another two pages of Umbrella Sky. I know it doesn't look like much.... Just scroll down the page to last months update and spot the difference ;)

This is getting closer to the finish now with about three pages left! I’ve also updated Treasure Hunt Bookshelf with a new progress picture.

Welcome to all the followers that have signed up to the blog. Also thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments!


 photo UpdateJunetextsmall_zpsbf62ec8e.jpg


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous! Well done. Anticipating the big finish already.

  2. Thanks Lija :) The last couple of pages are quite detailed and have a substantial amount of confetti. Unfortunately this slows the process down a bit as I'm sure you well know! I'll keep plugging away at it though so watch this space!

  3. Loving your blog - new follower - saw your link on Facebook.

    Your stitching is stunning and cant wait to see the finish on this design :) xx


  4. Thank you Lesleyanne! I think I've come across your blog before it looks familiar...
    Beautiful work on Sadness of Gaia. I will be following your progress :)


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